Training Practice

Accredited GP Training Practice

We are an accredited Training Practice involved in the training of fully qualified doctors who wish to enter General Practice. This means that we train fully-qualified doctors, who have completed their 4 years of training in hospital medicine, to develop their skills in general practice. We usually have at least one GP Registrar and you may be offered an appointment with them at the surgery.

We also have Physicians Associate and nursing students at the practice who may be present in your consultation. If you do not wish for the students to be present in your consultation then please let us know.

GP Registrars

We are proud to announce that The Lakes Medical Practice is now a training practice, helping qualified doctors, known as registrars, complete the final stages of their GP Training.

We believe that achieving and maintaining training practice status will enhance the quality of the medical care that we provide. It will also enable patients to see a wider range of clinicians whilst allowing the surgery to benefit from the fresh ideas and approaches brought by young enthusiastic doctors.

As a teaching practice, patients may also meet medical students in the surgery or accompanying the doctor on their calls. These students are going through a very important part of their medical training and your co-operation is extremely valuable and much appreciated. However, no intrusion on the privacy of the consultation will take place against the wishes of the patient.