The Sound Doctor

We are pleased to announce that our practice patients will be able to benefit from award winning, high quality films, courses and animations designed to help healthcare professionals advise patient’s on managing long-term conditions safely and effectively at home. They provide courses of educational material focusing on the causes, symptoms, risks, treatment and management of each condition.

In addition to specific disease areas there are also more general topics such as keeping well at work, ageing well and general lifestyle advice.

There is no need for patients to sign up for an account, all you need is a unique link that can be sent through via the practice or click the links below:

Ageing well at home: Click here

Back pain Link: Click here

Diabetes Course Link: Click here

Children, Diet & Exercise Link: Click here

COPD Link: Click here

Dementia Link: Click here

Heart Failure: Click here

Keeping Well At Work: Click here

Lifestyle Animations: Click here

Weight Loss Surgery: Click here

Mental Health At Work Course: Click here