GP/Clinician – Appointments

How to make an appointment

We operate a “GP First” telephone triage service for patients requesting an appointment with a Doctor, Physicians Associate or Nurse Practitioner. This ensures that when a patient requires a same day  appointment, whether that be face to face, over the phone or via video appointment, it is readily available. We have tried and tested various booking systems and have found this to be the most effective, as it means we are able to offer same day routine telephone consultations and face to face appointments without a long delay but we also have appropriate availability to deal with urgent calls.

The best way to contact us whether it be for an appointment or admin request is via our “consult your doctor online” tab on the homepage of our website. Subject to demand this service is usually open from 8am Monday-Friday until we reach capacity for the demand, which changes with demand.

If you are unable to use our online service:

  • Phone lines open at 8.30-12.30 &
  • Between 12.30 and 1 and 6-6.30 Our phone line is open for Healthcare Professionals who are with a patient and need urgent advice or patients who have a urgent same day clinical matter that cannot wait until we re-open.

Our process explained

On the day that you would like a same day telephone consultation with a doctor/clinician:

  • Fill in an online consultation form by clicking the following link Contact GP or make Admin request online if you are unable to do this please call the main switchboard number on (01768) 214345 and our patient support team will do this for you.
  • Please DO NOT use our online booking service for urgent call back requests.

If your problem is CLINICALLY URGENT, or you are a priority patient (end of life care patients, vulnerable patients, patients with a flare up of on of their multiple chronic diseases etc.) we will still accept calls even when our routine list has closed for the day

A member of our Patient Support Team will take your details and a brief description of your symptoms or you can log symptoms on our online booking system if you do not feel comfortable explaining your symptoms to our support team.

You will first be placed on a triage.  You may specify your doctor of choice when it is for a routine consultation and if they are on duty that day, your call will be placed on their list. You are unable to directly request a nurse practitioner or physicians associate telephone consultation, only a GP can arrange this once they have viewed the call back notes. If you would prefer to wait and ring back when your specified doctor is available you can do so, or you can speak with any of our available duty doctors.

The clinician will view the information made available to them from the handover details provided by you to our patient support team and make a decision if the telephone consultation should be made by them or a more appropriate clinician from the practice team. The clincian may also request a member of the patient support to contact you with follow up details or to arrange an appointment.

When the doctor/clinician rings back they will go through your symptoms and if a face to face appointment is necessary, they will arrange this.